The Portage Project

eTOP: Electronic Version of New Portage Guide

Annual Licensing Fee Per Child

* Five (5) licenses is the minimum order.  Please call with questions. 

5 - 9 Children              $39.95/Child

10 - 149 Children        $18.95/Child

150 - 249 Children      $16.95/Child

250 - 499 Children      $14.95/Child

500 - 1,499 Children   $12.95/Child

1,500+ Children          $10.95/Child

Ordering Instructions:

1. Select the range which matches the number of licensing you are purchasing.  

2. After adding to your cart, edit "Quantity" to indicate number of licenses being purchased.  

3. If you have questions, call Jody,
    toll-free, at (800) 862-3725.


The Portage Project offers a web-based version of the New Portage Guide: Birth to Six. 

eTOP (electronic Tool for Observation and Planning) is designed to incorporate the entry of initial and on-going observations allowing the teacher/home visitor to track and document each child’s progress over time. 

On-demand reports provide information about the child’s development and assist in planning appropriate strategies. Reports may be generated for each Individual Child or aggregated for Classroom/Caseload, Site or Agency reporting.