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Portage Guide 3: Infant/Toddler - Complete Kit (English)

Portage Guide 3: Infant /Toddler - Complete Kit (English)

Released in 2015, this revised version of the popular Portage Guide satisfies the assessment and curriculum planning needs of home visiting and center-based programs.  The Portage Project has been helping children and their families for over 45 years.

Functional,user-friendly format for working with children and their families. Infant/Toddler materials are appropriate for ages birth through four years; in center based or home visiting programs.

Kit includes: 

  • Infant/Toddler Activities and Routines Resource Book
    - This spiral bound book contains over 500 pages of Activities & Routines

  • Infant/Toddler Tool for Observation and Planning (TOP) Checklists
    - Set of 20 TOP Checklists

  • User's Guide
    - Portage Guide 3 User's Guide including reproducible forms for family partnerships, observations, and group summary

  • Zippered tote bag for transporting materials

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